Local renewable energy for businesses

For businesses

Traceable renewable electricity

Customers are demanding businesses to be good citizens by procuring renewable electricity. Large corporates can buy directly from huge renewable generators - but now Piclo allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from full visibility of their energy supply chain, tracking every kWh to the renewable source.

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For businesses

Choose to buy local energy

Piclo automatically sources electricity from the most local generators, meaning businesses can increase their positive impact on the local economy. The energy mix can be tailored to ensure it is fully aligned with sustainability goals, brand values and marketing campaigns.

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For renewable generators

Discover who consumes your energy

Renewable generators supply carbon-free electricity to our grids, yet they lack visibility of where it is consumed. Piclo provides generators with full transparency and unprecedented control over their export power - plus access to all their data

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Hafod-y-Llan.Site managed by the National Trust

Piclo has enabled the National Trust to offer it’s renewable energy to a range of consumers, and access information through a user-friendly site that helped us understand the demand for our energy.

– Rosie Frankland, Commercial Manager, National Trust

For electricity retailers

Piclo can help you bring local renewable electricity to life

We partner with electricity retailers internationally, in both regulated and deregulated markets.

Current partners: