What is Piclo?

Piclo is an online platform that performs peer-to-peer energy matching for your business. It shows which renewable generators you match with and how local they are. You can also tailor your energy mix.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for your energy supply with one of our partner electricity retailers and they can enroll you in the Piclo service.
If you are a business, register your interest here.
If you are a generator, register your interest here.

How does it work?

Both businesses and generators sign contracts with the electricity retailer supplying the Piclo service. The retailer then sends your meter data to Piclo, which does all the energy matching. Your Piclo account shows your matched energy data and allows you to customise your energy mix. You continue to get bills and invoices from your electricity retailer as usual.

Do I save money?

Due to regulations, Piclo cannot currently offer you reduced prices for local energy. This is something we are working on and hopefully savings will be possible in the future.

What does Piclo cost?

Piclo doesn’t charge end users. Instead, we contract with our partner electricity retailers.

Does Piclo cut out electricity retailers?

No, Piclo does not cut electricity retailers out of the energy system, but rather partners with them. Piclo converts meter data which is already being collected into a unique customer offering.

Why is Piclo good for your business?

Businesses are under growing pressure from customers to be visibly sustainable. Piclo is for businesses that want to leverage their energy supply chain for maximum benefit - by showing customers that it is renewable and local.

I'm a domestic customer, can I still use Piclo?

Due to regulations, Piclo is currently not available for domestic customers (households). We hope to offer a domestic Piclo service in the future.

Which countries is Piclo available in?

Piclo is currently available in the UK in partnership with Good Energy. However, we are working hard towards building partnerships in other countries, aiming to offer Piclo in many places in the future.

Is Piclo regulation compliant?

Piclo is compliant with relevant energy market regulations, RECs / REGO schemes and with Scope 2 GHG reporting.

How do you know where my energy is coming from?

Piclo pulls in half-hourly meter data from businesses and generators. For energy to be matched, it has be generated and consumed in the same half-hourly time period. Piclo automatically sources energy from as many generators as needed to meet your demand for a given half-hour, including any top-up provided by the electricity retailer.